About Amanda

My name is Amanda Milstead and I am originally from the Tampa Bay area, but my entire family is from Chicago. I spent seven years in upper east Tennessee where I earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and photography from East Tennessee State University in May 2012. I am currently living in Lansing, Michigan while my husband, Rad, earns his Ph.D in Mexican history at Michigan State University.  Sometimes I travel and post about the adventures I have. Other times I create posts about riding the bus across town.

This blog was originally created as part of a photography class I took in college. I decided to continue maintaining it  so I can  interact with other photographers and  writers and so I won’t forget everything I learned at ETSU. Sometimes I use a digital camera and other times I opt for a film camera and scan the negatives. I attempt to find interesting stories and images in ordinary surroundings. Sometimes it works, sometimes, not so much.

Christmas Eve 2012

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