Michigan Ice Storm

After a week, the ice is finally melting. When the ice storm hit on December 21,  ice encased everything the freezing rain touched. Tree branches fell, blocking roads, severing power lines, smashing cars and crashing into homes and all over mid-Michigan. When branches broke loose from trees and crashed to the ground, it sounded like shattering glass. Like major portions of Lansing, the next street over from us went dark while we retained power through some stroke of luck. People all over Michigan’s capitol city spent Christmas without heat and are still freezing in their homes a week after the storm. Some estimates were as high as 60,000 people lost power while the temperature outside was in the single digits. A limited number of crews are working on the massive power outage and Governor Snyder is on radio silence except for a short press release on December 26 where he claims that local authorities have not asked the state for help. I’m sure that many residents don’t care whose job it is to send in reinforcements. Somebody needs to show some leadership. Reports of vacant homes being burglarized are beginning to circulate and throughout this whole ordeal, I have not seen a single police officer anywhere in the greater Lansing area. I have no faith in the local or state authorities to be able to restore order in the event of a disaster of any size. However, I did take some photos, and now that I have Internet access again, I am able to post them.





























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