Monte Albán

There a few ways to get to Monte Albán from Oaxaca City. Some options are collective taxis, tour companies and the city bus will drop you off somewhat near the ruins, but I hear the walk takes about an hour and it’s almost completely uphill. Another economical way is to walk about five blocks south of the zócalo and find a person asking if you are trying to get to Monte Albán. He or she will take you to a small tour company selling 45 peso round-trip tickets on a bus directly to Monte Albán. The tour company performs funeral services as well, but I can only vouch for the bus trip.

The bus that we took was one of the first ones out to the archeological site for the day, and it stopped several times to pick up merchants who later tried to sell us an array of items inside and outside the gate. The price of admission to Monte Albán is an additional 57 pesos for entrance into the archaeological site and a small museum. Buses back to town run every hour, so you can spend as much time wandering around the ruins as you like. Simply flash your ticket to the bus driver and he will take you back to the funeral parlor.

It is nearly impossible to take a bad photograph at Monte Albán, but don’t try to take a tripod in like I did. They don’t like that. Here are some of the photos that I took while I was there.


the view from the bus


the bus







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