Sunday Bus Adventure

I have been taking photos since I moved to Michigan. It took a few weeks to adapt to life in the Midwest, but I already feel like I know these people after residing in Florida for 25 years. During my recent seven-year hiatus in Appalachia, I missed elderly people who demand prompt service from the shift manager at the grocery store and how strangers will strike up a conversation on the bus.

According to the sticker on the window of the bus, the Capitol Area Transportation Authority was voted #1 in the country. Buying a CATA pass was one of the best things I ever did for myself. There is no shortage of characters on the bus. The other night, two drunken men were desperately trying to get somewhere by 8:30. When the digital clock in the front of the bus read 8:20, they broke into a panic and began screaming, “We’re not gonna make it!” One of the men began frantically dialing on his phone while the other looked like he was going to start foaming at the mouth every time the bus stopped to pick up or drop off a passenger. I don’t know where those guys were going, but I am certain they did not make it.

Not only is it summer, but it’s also construction season in Michigan. Enjoy the orange cones and barricades in the landscape photos. This set of photos was taken along the #1 route in Lansing and East Lansing on my 35th birthday.

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