From Atlanta to Charlotte

The drive from Atlanta to Charlotte takes about four hours via Interstate 85. Shunning the interstate, we traveled two-lane roads and took photos along the way. The trip took approximately eight hours. Before we pulled out of Atlanta, we retrieved our tattered atlas from behind the seat of the truck and found a route. Our next objective was to find a place to eat breakfast. We passed a restaurant named Oga’s and decided to turn around and score some eggs and bacon. With our stomachs full of cold eggs and bad coffee, we set out for US-29 toward South Carolina.

Many of the towns we drove through were not much more than a wide spot in the road. With the windows rolled down and a fast shutter speed, I was ready to hang out of the window and shoot photos just in case it was impossible to pull over and take a photo. Here is some of what we saw:

I got out of the truck to get a photo of this building and the orange mud puddle. All of a sudden, I heard a horn and turned to see and semi barreling into the dirt parking lot. Naturally, I scurried out of the way. I took the following photo from the safety of the passenger side of the truck.

Rad turned around so I could get a photo of his screen printing business in Royston, Ga. They also have boiled peanuts and Friday night wrestling!

This is Winston. He is the mascot for The Fox in Anderson, S.C. We ate lunch there, and Winston was thrilled to have his picture taken.

The Creation Museum was right up the road in Cincinnati, Ohio – a mere 451 miles away. Who needs science, anyway?

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