Black Friday, Fayetteville Style

My husband Rad and I went to visit his family in Fayetteville, Tennessee for Thanksgiving. It is a relatively small town with about 7000 residents and a quintessential Southern downtown square with a courhouse in the center. We sat around Thursday evening talking about Black Friday and the happenings at the local Wal-Mart. My mother-in-law and two nephews braved the midnight crowd, while Rad and opted to wake up at dawn to meet the rising sun. We drove south to the Alabama state line after a lackluster sunrise at the Wal-Mart and returned to Fayetteville by 8 a.m. to have breakfast at the Chuck Wagon Diner. After breakfast, we hit the local circuit of Goodwill stores and scored some second-hand bargains. These photos are from Thanksgiving night and our travels the next day.

Ronald, 2011

Meat Processing, 2011

Moments Before We Almost Got Creamed by a Dually, 2011

Bill’s Liquor, 2011

Big Rig, 2011

Lackluster Black Friday at Sunrise, 2011

North Alabama Unmanned Bonfire, 2011

Neon Poodle, 2011

Pants Barn, 2011

For Lease, 2011

Thanksgiving Truck Crash Aftermath, 2011

Chuck Wagon Diner, 2011

Slab of Butter with a Side of Artificial Sweetener, 2011

Strip Mall, 2011

Tax Free, 2011

Donation Express, 2011

Chicken Truck, 2011

Beware of Dog, 2011

Scary Grandma, 2011

Scotch Tumbler, 2011

Honey’s Restaurant, 2011

Honey’s Restaurant Interior, 2011

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