Downtown Johnson City, TN

These photographs were taken in downtown Johnson City, Tennessee as part of a project titled “It Floods.” All of the photos for this project were made with a 35mm film camera and the negatives were scanned. Like many downtown areas in the United States,  the old business district has suffered a mass exodus of business and industry in the past few decades. There is also a flooding problem downtown during torrential downpours prompting some business owners to keep sandbags on hand. There are some businesses that have been there for decades, some that have recently opened their doors, and many others that picked up and fled to the north end of town. The empty storefronts and warehouses make Johnson City look like many other small towns across the country, but a closer examination reveals elements that make the old business district unique.

AME Church, 2011

Louis Shoe Reapir, 2011

Quarters Only, 2011

Lion on Wheels, 2011

Loading Zone, 2011

Have I.D. Ready!, 2011

The Empty Pool, 2011

Johnson City’s Version of Times Square, 2011

Closed, 2011

Chrysler Newport, 2011

Bus Station, 2011

Blue Bank, Blue Sky, 2011

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